PM Immigration Pty Ltd is a robust immigration practitioners firm with over 11 years experience in Immigration law, immigration applications and immigration assessments.

PM Immigration Pty Ltd is the industry specialists with a long list of successful on-and-off-shore applications on behalf of the many individuals, families and companies we have served. You can review some of our most recent successful immigration success stories here.

We are part of the founding members of the Forum for Immigration Practitioners South Africa FIPSA ( who also certifies us as registered practitioners in the immigrations industry. This and our solid, long-standing relationship with the Department of Home Affairs enable us to represent our clients with professionalism and expertise.

Our skills and experience in the immigrations industry have enabled us to:

  • Create a network of government network relationships
  • Build trust and dependability with our clients and service providers
  • Handle documentation with confidentiality and care
  • Manage every application process for its individual needs
  • Deliver exceptional, hassle-free service that is client focused

Do you qualify to apply for immigration to South Africa? Click here to find out!

At PM Immigration Pty Ltd we can assist you with the following Visa Applications:
1.    South African Business Visas
2.    South African Work Visas
a.    General work visas
b.    Critical skills visa
c.    Intra company transfer visa
3.    South African corporate visas
a.    Corporate worker visas
b.    Accompanying or dependent visas
4.    Retired persons visas
5.    Life partner visas
a.    Life partner visas
b.    Life partner & work visas
c.    Life partner & self-employment visa
6.    Relatives visas
7.    Spousal visas
a.    Accompanying South African Spouse visas
b.    Accompanying South African Spouse & work visas
c.    Accompanying South African Spouse & self-employment visa
8.    Medical Treatment Visas
9.    Study visas
10.Visitor visa extensions
a.    Holiday visitor visa extensions
b.    Visitor visa with work endorsement
11.Visa sticker transfer & re-issue of lost visas
12.Permanent residence applications
13.Citizenship applications
 Pm Immigration “Visa Facilitation Services (VFS) Specialists”

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