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The Top Countries to Study Abroad In

People who want to go study spend a lot of time thinking about the possibility of studying abroad. Of course picking the best institution to study your certain field should be the main focus when it comes to picking the best institution to get your education. But sometimes that might not work, or other institutions around the world are just as accredited, or you have certain goals in mind. And of course your abroad studying should be an adventure. There are a few places in the world that offer more than others when it comes to their students, and their international students.

The Top Five Countries to Study In

Of course each country comes with its own pros and cons, and not every person is going to enjoy every aspect of each different country. However, a new experience should always be welcomed and embraced; you never know how it could change your life. Here are some of the world’s best places to study, in no particular order:


  1. Thailand
  2. Austrailia
  3. South Korea
  4. Japan
  5. United States

Why it’s Worth It

It is worth it because you could be opening doors for yourself that might not present itself in the future. It is worth it to study abroad to give yourself a great life experience, you can always come back home, or you might find a new home. You are doing the best thing for your career if you are able to study at the best institution in your field. You will experience new cultures, make new friends and live a totally different life. A great reason to do it is that you might just like it, really, really like it.

Making the Choice

Each of these countries made the list because the offer something unique and practical to the student experience. Of course each one comes with its pros and cons, and decisions will be made on personal preferences, course preferences or language barriers. And that should be decided on with a lot of research, and viability. It might be more viable for you to study in Australia because of your national citizenship, or you would not study in Japan because there would be transport issues for you. Any big decision should be researched and thought about to prevent problems further down the line.

PM Immigration

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SA companies in Ghana to attract business

 A group of 20 South African companies on Wednesday arrived in Ghana where they will showcase their products and services at the week-long Ghana International Trade Fair in Accra.

The companies specialise in agro-processing, chemicals, clothing and textiles, forestry furniture, creative industries, built environment and capital equipment.

Nompumelelo Hlela, the Department of Trade and Industry’s (the dti) foreign economic representative based in Ghana, said that the companies will have an opportunity to promote South Africa’s products and services. 

“We have secured meetings for most of our firms with chambers of commerce and industry associations in Ghana. These meetings will take place parallel to the exhibition,” Hlela said. “The intention is to get our companies maximum exposure to the Ghanaian market and secure business deals with the private sector at large.”

Catherine de Villiers, the managing director of Dryers for Africa — a company that manufactures of agro-processing equipment — said that her mission in Ghana is to seek distributors and to increase the companies’ footprint in Ghana. 

“We anticipate to get more clients and distributors through this platform since the market has been responding positively to our products,” de Villiers said.

Steven Buthelezi of Honingcraft Moser said that he was looking forward to a fruitful week for his company that manufactures hydraulic cylinders. He said that the company has a market in Ghana, but they saw the trade fair as an opportunity to increase their customer base.

“I am looking forward to the meetings that the department has secured for us in addition to participating in the trade fair,” Buthelezi said. 

The participation of these companies has been made possible by the dti through its Export Marketing and Investment Assistance (EMIA) Scheme which aims to increasing exports of South African manufactured products to Ghana and beyond. 

 - African News Agency (ANA)

Thupeyo Muleya, Beitbridge Bureau


Thupeyo Muleya, Beitbridge Bureau

THE number of Zimbabweans being deported via Beitbridge border post for violating South Africa’s immigration laws went down by 16,4 percent last year compared to 2016. Statistics from the Department of Immigration show that 13 767 people were sent home in 2016, while 11 509 were deported last year.

The Assistant Regional Immigration Officer in charge of Beitbridge, Mr Notius Tarisai, said they were implementing a number of strategies to reduce border jumping. “We have recorded a drop in the number of people being sent home for violating immigration laws in the neighbouring country,” said Mr Tarisai.

“You will note that we are working with a number of stakeholders along our boundary line in reducing incidents of border jumping between the two countries.

“In addition, we have also been descending hard on those enhancing illegal movement by endorsing fake immigration stamps on people’s passports.

“The introduction of the special permits for Zimbabweans by the South African Government has resulted in many people travelling through legal channels.”

He said the deportees were being moved from South Africa by road via Beitbridge border post.

Those deported were for overstaying , had no legal travel documents, while others would have finished serving jail terms for various offences committed in that country. He said the department will continue working with security personnel to curb illegal migration between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Under the current repatriation processes, the immigrants from south of the Limpopo River, are handed over to Zimbabwean authorities at the reception and support centre in Beitbridge.

They are then provided with post-return humanitarian assistance to ensure they do not become stranded and fall into immediate vulnerability. The Government also helps the deportees with food and temporary shelter for returned unaccompanied minors.

Sunday News is reliably informed that a total of 385 483 returned migrants from South Africa were assisted at the reception centre in Beitbridge between 2006 and 2013, while 179 570 returned migrants from Botswana were assisted at the Plumtree Reception and Support Centre between 2008 and 2013.

The two centres have a holding capacity of 1000 people and overnight accommodation facilities for at least 600 people. On average the two countries deport between 40 and 60 Zimbabweans daily for violating immigration laws. However, deportations from Botswana and South Africa have been dropping due to the improved access of travel documents and growing economy in the country.

Challenges Faced by South Africans When Marrying a Foreign National

Marriage is supposed to be an unforgettable occasion, but for all of the right reasons. Those who have never fallen in love with someone from outside of the country of their birth will never understand the characteristic struggle of tying the knot with a foreign national; and should count themselves lucky for that. Immigration laws and regulations are there for a reason, they protect our communities from an influx of foreigners, help prevent crimes like human trafficking and working illegally, and helps to maintain close records of who comes and goes within our country. Though as effective as these regulations are for ensuring these functions, they make things particularly difficult when it comes to the bureaucracy of tying the knot with a foreigner who has not been naturalised. But to what can we owe these challenges, what are the factors in place which make it so difficult to marry the person you love if they hail from somewhere else?


Mismanagement by Immigration Officials

Anyone who has stepped foot into a home affairs office can attest to how poorly each and every one of them are run, now imagine going through that if you are a foreigner and things can get quite a bit more difficult. Mismanagement in immigration offices makes the whole process of marrying a foreigner an unpleasant and stressful experience from the get-go

Lack of Adequate Communication between Officials and Departments

Carrying on with the tune of mismanagement, there seems to be a terrible lapse in communication between officials and departments, all of which seem to take different approaches when processing weddings between citizens and foreigners. The situation is so severe, that from an outsider’s perspective it can be difficult to tell if processes change as regularly as they seem to, or if even the immigration officials have no clue as to which approach to take. Point is that there seems to be little, no or broken communication between departments which almost purposely make the affair a difficult, frustrating and expensive one.

Information is Difficult to Find

What documents do you need, do you need police clearance, bank statements, a medical history? Good luck finding out. Scour the net, go to immigration offices or contact as many officials as you like; nearly all of the information you need will either be incomplete or impossible to find; possibly the most frustrating part of the whole ordeal.

Bureaucrats are Genuinely Distrustful

Have you ever been looked at and spoken to as if you are a human trafficker? No, well walk a foreign national into an official’s office and there is a fairly good chance that you’ll get to experience it. Immigration officials seem, by and large, to be genuinely distrustful, and as such seem to make the process as difficult as possible; all the while scowling at you and your beloved like the two of you have a master-slave relationship; if nothing else it is infuriating.

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The Three Most Liveable Cities in the World

We live in a diverse world where each of its four corners are remarkably different. Being that the countries of our planet develop at different rates and under the guidance of different principles, cultures and values, no two places will give you the same type of lifestyle; and not all of the cities in these countries perform equally. Each year, studies are done to determine which cities are the most liveable ones according to how they match up in terms of stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure to rank them out of 100. Here are the top 3 contenders from 2017 which have been ranked the most liveable cities in the world.

Melbourne: Australia

Ranking the number 1 liveable city in the world, Melbourne scored a total of 97.5 out of a hundred in each of the abovementioned measured areas. They have held the top position for a while now. As the unofficial sporting capital of Australia it has rich culture value, boasts an unbeatable healthcare system and is characterised by superior education for primary, secondary and tertiary levels. What is the downside? Well, Melbourne isn’t the cheapest city to survive in. But then it offers extensive opportunities for excellent earning power.

Vienna: Austria

Vienna has a colourful history, has had its fair share of strife and has even been through some economic turmoil during the European financial crisis. However, this has not dampened its spirit as it soured to the second most liveable place in a 2017 study that rated it 97.4 just behind Melbourne. All of this from a city with a population of just 1,8 million people means that it is not only an awesome place to live, but is also a remarkably beautiful and quiet one as well.

Vancouver: Canada

Vancouver comes in second with a score of 97.3. Canada has always been considered an ideal place to live in with many of its top cities competing for spaces as the most liveable city. Once you get past the stark winter cold, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful, cultured and dynamic cities in the world. Being a preferred of top-spots in a number of fields, Vancouver boasts the 4th largest cruise ship terminal in the world and is home to Canadas largest pool. Though, in the face of all these benefits, one must ask why it isn’t closer to number one. The answer is fairly simple. Vancouver has some of the most exorbitant real-estate prices in the world.

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