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JSE Market Statistics on Foreign Trading of JSE Listed Shares

In this blog post, we take a look at the latest market statistics from the JSE showing the weekly buying and selling of shares listed in the JSE by foreigners. We will take a look at the numbers for the last 5 weeks.

Are foreigners buying or selling JSE listed shares?

The graphic below shows the total value of net buying/selling by foreigners of JSE listed shares for the year to date as well as the last 5 weeks, net buying or selling of listed shares on the JSE. It’s always interesting to see whether foreigners are net buyers or sellers of South Africa shares. Often net selling is accompanied by a weakening exchange rate as foreigners pull money out of the country leading to exchange rate weakness.


The dark grey line shows the net buying/selling values of shares by foreigners for the year to date. A positive value reflects that foreigners have purchased more in terms of value than sold for the year today. So far for 2018, foreigners have bought about R16.4billion more in shares than what they sold.

However, when looking at the dashed red line it shows the weekly net purchases/sales by foreigners. And of the 6 weeks in the above graphic, in only two of the week’s foreigners were net buyers of shares, in the other 4 weeks they were net sellers. For the week ending 18 May, foreigners were net sellers of over R10.7billion in shares. Perhaps they believe in the old saying, sell in May and go away. While the weekly graph shows that sentiment by foreigners has been pretty negative in recent weeks, the question is what did these numbers look like a year ago? Was the same trend observed 12months ago? The graphic below compares the net buying/selling of shares by foreigners for the same time period as the above but for 2017.


While recent weeks of 2018 has been relatively negative, during the same time of last year, foreigners were net sellers of over R60billion worth of shares from the start of 2017 up to end of May 2017. While currently, foreigners are still net buyers of South African shares so far in 2018 of roughly R16billion. In 2017, over the same 6week period, foreigners were net sellers of shares in 5 out of the 6 weeks.

So while we might think sentiment has turned south, looking back at 2017 over the same period of time one can see that sentiment was a lot more negative 12months ago compared to now.

Chinese companies commit $10bn to Limpopo SEZ

Monday, May 28, 2018

Nine Chinese companies have committed to invest over $10 billion in Limpopo’s Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone (SEZ), said the Department of Trade and Industry.

This as the Limpopo Economic Development Agency (LEDA) signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) and a Memorandum of Agreement (MoAs) with the Chinese companies at a ceremony in Beijing on Friday and Saturday.

Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LEDA, Ben Mphahlele, expressed his delight at the signing of the MoUs and MoAs, adding that this will add to the growth of the provincial SEZ.

“We are delighted that the value of investment commitments in the Musina-Makhado SEZ continues to grow at an impressive rate. There are four projects in the SEZ, namely the power plant, coking plant, alloy factory and steel manufacturing. Today we managed to confirm investment commitments in all of them,” said Mphahlele on Saturday.

The brainchild of the Department of Trade and Industry (dti), SEZs are geographically designated areas of a country that are set aside for specifically targeted economic activities.

LEDA said the SEZ is generating a significant amount of interest among potential investors.

The signing ceremony said Mphahlele will be followed by due diligence as technical representatives of the companies will visit the SEZ to do various assessments on the ground before implementing their plans.

“As we speak, there is a Chinese company that is conducting a feasibility study. We are looking forward to seeing the SEZ getting off the ground and beginning to change the economic landscape of Musina and Makhado by creating business and employment opportunities for the people of the Vhembe District.”

He described the development of the SEZ as a game changer and expressed confidence that the positive impact of the SEZ will extend to other parts of Limpopo and other African countries such as Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

South Africa currently has a total of eight SEZs namely: Coega and East London IDZs in the Eastern Cape, Dube TradePort and Richards Bay IDZs in KwaZulu-Natal, OR Tambo IDZ in Gauteng, Saldanha Bay IDZ in the Western Cape, Maluti-a-Phofung IDZ in the Free State, and Musina-Makhado SEZ in Limpopo.

Meanwhile, head of department at the Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism in Limpopo, Solly Kgopong, said the signing ceremony is a major milestone in the development of the SEZ.

“We are happy that we will be returning home with concrete commitments in the form of MOUs but one of the reasons for coming here was to confirm the readiness of the Chinese companies to invest in the project.

“We have been impressed by what we saw and heard during our interaction with the companies. They are ready and eager to come to South Africa and start working. The entire province, including the communities and businesses, are behind this project,” said Kgopong.

He added that the SEZ was projected to contribute enormously to the country’s national Gross Domestic Product once fully operational.

The signing ceremony comes as the dti is currently leading an investment roadshow to Shanghai, China, aimed at wooing investors to South African SEZs.

The roadshow got underway at the weekend and gives representatives of the South African government, implementers of the SEZ Programme and SEZs to present the value-proposition of South African SEZs to potential investors and financial institutions.

The roadshow will conclude on 31 May. –

Considering Moving to Australia?

Before you can make any solid plans to make a major move, you will need to do some research to see when you would feel more at home. Sure you have a general idea of where you would like to go, however, these places are greater and larger than we might realise. Thankfully there are is a lot of information and research that has been done on what it is like to live in the different areas of the world. But once you have done research you can be surer of your final decision and start the process towards a happy life.

Australia is Huge

Australia is a very large country with so many places for a person to live in, so there are most definitely choices that would better suit your needs. There are coastal regions, cities, suburbs, the country side and so much more. You are able to find the perfect location for you and your family. Of course many people will be moving towards where the work is or where the great schools are or where there is family. But the choices are most definitely available for your needs and choosing.

The Best Features of Australia

Many people love Australia and have chosen to start a life there for a reason. For one thing, the weather and climate is very similar to South Africa, our seasons are the same and the landscape is not too different to ours. Australia has many similar brands to what we have, so you will not be surprised by too much unfamiliarity. There is a safe and reliable public transport system, and the laws are set out to keep the citizens safe. Driving in Australia will not be a huge change as they also drive on the left hand side of the road.

The Best Cities

There are a number of popular and wonderful cities to live in, in Australia, this includes:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Hobart
  • Adelaide
  • Perth
  • Darwin

Each of these cities offers their own characteristics that make them unique, as well as great places to live. They all have different climates and attractions that would make it the perfect city for you and your family.

PM Immigration

Once you have decided on your perfect new home, contact PM Immigrationso that they will be able to help you get all the information and documentation you need in order to have a successful transition.

The Top Countries to Study Abroad In

People who want to go study spend a lot of time thinking about the possibility of studying abroad. Of course picking the best institution to study your certain field should be the main focus when it comes to picking the best institution to get your education. But sometimes that might not work, or other institutions around the world are just as accredited, or you have certain goals in mind. And of course your abroad studying should be an adventure. There are a few places in the world that offer more than others when it comes to their students, and their international students.

The Top Five Countries to Study In

Of course each country comes with its own pros and cons, and not every person is going to enjoy every aspect of each different country. However, a new experience should always be welcomed and embraced; you never know how it could change your life. Here are some of the world’s best places to study, in no particular order:


  1. Thailand
  2. Austrailia
  3. South Korea
  4. Japan
  5. United States

Why it’s Worth It

It is worth it because you could be opening doors for yourself that might not present itself in the future. It is worth it to study abroad to give yourself a great life experience, you can always come back home, or you might find a new home. You are doing the best thing for your career if you are able to study at the best institution in your field. You will experience new cultures, make new friends and live a totally different life. A great reason to do it is that you might just like it, really, really like it.

Making the Choice

Each of these countries made the list because the offer something unique and practical to the student experience. Of course each one comes with its pros and cons, and decisions will be made on personal preferences, course preferences or language barriers. And that should be decided on with a lot of research, and viability. It might be more viable for you to study in Australia because of your national citizenship, or you would not study in Japan because there would be transport issues for you. Any big decision should be researched and thought about to prevent problems further down the line.

PM Immigration

Immigration can be a challenge, however PM Immigrationis here to help and make that process easier for everyone involved. Visit their website to find out all that you need to do when it comes to international immigrations, visas and other laws.

SA companies in Ghana to attract business

 A group of 20 South African companies on Wednesday arrived in Ghana where they will showcase their products and services at the week-long Ghana International Trade Fair in Accra.

The companies specialise in agro-processing, chemicals, clothing and textiles, forestry furniture, creative industries, built environment and capital equipment.

Nompumelelo Hlela, the Department of Trade and Industry’s (the dti) foreign economic representative based in Ghana, said that the companies will have an opportunity to promote South Africa’s products and services. 

“We have secured meetings for most of our firms with chambers of commerce and industry associations in Ghana. These meetings will take place parallel to the exhibition,” Hlela said. “The intention is to get our companies maximum exposure to the Ghanaian market and secure business deals with the private sector at large.”

Catherine de Villiers, the managing director of Dryers for Africa — a company that manufactures of agro-processing equipment — said that her mission in Ghana is to seek distributors and to increase the companies’ footprint in Ghana. 

“We anticipate to get more clients and distributors through this platform since the market has been responding positively to our products,” de Villiers said.

Steven Buthelezi of Honingcraft Moser said that he was looking forward to a fruitful week for his company that manufactures hydraulic cylinders. He said that the company has a market in Ghana, but they saw the trade fair as an opportunity to increase their customer base.

“I am looking forward to the meetings that the department has secured for us in addition to participating in the trade fair,” Buthelezi said. 

The participation of these companies has been made possible by the dti through its Export Marketing and Investment Assistance (EMIA) Scheme which aims to increasing exports of South African manufactured products to Ghana and beyond. 

 - African News Agency (ANA)

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