PM Immigration Pty Ltd’s employees take pride in delivering great service, customer trust and satisfaction.

Our team combines unique core capabilities and strengths with years of experience in various fields and industries and we’ve put them together to create a trustworthy, dependable group of representatives working for you.

Pieter Britz Jnr: Director
Is a registered immigration practitioner. “I have a passion for service delivery and attention to detail, being a perfectionist in my work has always been a strong point.” 

Guest for SABC News as Immigration Specialist

Anthea Kartusch: Operations Manager
Anthea is the Office Manager and is primarily responsible for maintaining  relationships with our corporate clients.

Stephanus Britz: Courier Contractor
Stephanus joined the PM Immigration Pty Ltd team in 2011 and is responsible for all the submissions, collections and queries of our Visas. He is essentially our representation at Home Affairs behind all the hard work that goes into the applications.

Having an experienced team on your side means that you have a way to:

  • Submit your immigration application forms correctly,
  • Submit the correct immigration documents,
  • Have your immigration documentation submitted to the correct authorities.

Our team offers years of service with experience combined with a vast network of influential relationships that will help you:

  • Unravel complex procedures.
  • Deal with complicated processes and forms.
  • With advice and transparent ongoing communication throughout.

PM Immigration Pty Ltd is certified by FIPSA and our many successful relationships with our clients testify to our immigration expertise and our excellent client service – you can contact one of our expert immigration consultants here.

Pm Immigration “Visa Facilitation Services (VFS) Specialists”

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